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Nairobi Cleaning Center™️ is a professional cleaning services provider in Nairobi, dealing with cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya. Contact Nairobi Cleaning Center™️ online for information about commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services, home cleaning services, apartment cleaning services. Also inquire about carpet cleaning services, sofa cleaning services, swimming pool cleaning, and water tank cleaning services in Nairobi.

Amazing Cleaning Services in Nairobi

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Residential Cleaning

Work with the best cleaning company for Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi, Westlands, Lavington, Kileleshwa…


Commercial Cleaning

Reliable and affordable Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi, Westlands, Lavington, Muthaiga, Spring Valley, Loresho…

professional cleaners from the best cleaning company in Nairobi


Contractual Cleaning

Great deals on periodic contractual Cleaning Services in Nairobi, Westlands, Lavington, Kileleshwa…


One-Off Cleaning

Amazing One-off Cleaning Services in Nairobi at friendly market charges in Parklands, Gigiri, Yaya Center, Valley Arcade, Adams Arcade…

Cleaning & Pest Control, Services and Updates in Nairobi Kenya

Appliance Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning Services in Nairobi Opting for professional Appliance Cleaning Service in Nairobi offers numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency, improved hygiene, and peace of mind. By investing in professional cleaning, you can prolong the lifespan of your appliances, maintain a clean and healthy home environment,…

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Fumigation Service

Comprehensive Fumigation Service in Nairobi: Keeping Your Space Clean and Safe By conducting these cleaning activities as part of Fumigation Service in Nairobi, professional fumigation providers help create a clean, healthy, and pest-free environment for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces alike. Whether you’re dealing with…

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Post Construction Cleaning

Professional Construction Site Cleaning Services in Nairobi: Keeping Your Site Spotless Taaking up in professional Construction Site Cleaning Service in Nairobi is a proactive step towards maintaining a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing work environment. By entrusting the cleanliness of your construction site to experienced professionals,…

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Exhauster Services

EXHAUSTER SERVICES IN NAIROBI AND KENYA Get comprehensive exhauster services in Nairobi and Kenya are aimed at emptying the septic tanks before an overflow occurs. We provide our services all around Nairobi including: Westlands, Karen, Lavington, Ngong Rd, Rongai, Langata, Runda, Ridgeways, Ruaka, Lavington, Thika road, Rossylin,…

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Residential Cleaning

Comprehensive Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi: Enhancing Your Home’s Cleanliness With Residential Cleaning Service in Nairobi, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy home without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. These professional services offer a range of cleaning activities tailored to…

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Mobile Vehicle Cleaning

Premium Vehicle Cleaning Service in Nairobi: Revitalize Your Ride With comprehensive cleaning activities tailored to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, Vehicle Cleaning Service in Nairobi ensures that your ride receives the care and attention it deserves. Whether you’re preparing for a special…

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Mattress Cleaning

MATTRESS CLEANING SERVICE IN NAIROBI: ENSURING A HEALTHY SLEEP ENVIRONMENT Getting Mattress Cleaning Service in Nairobi from the leading Nairobi Cleaning Company is not just about maintaining cleanliness; it’s about prioritizing health and comfort. By entrusting professionals to clean and sanitize your mattress, you’re taking a proactive…

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Carpet Cleaning

CARPET CLEANING SERVICE IN NAIROBI: RESTORING THE BEAUTY OF YOUR CARPETS Carpet Cleaning Service in Nairobi offers a comprehensive solution to revitalize your carpets, ensuring they not only look pristine but also maintain a hygienic environment in your home or office. With professional expertise and…

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Commercial Cleaning

COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICE IN NAIROBI Commercial Cleaning Services in Nairobi : Commercial cleaning is the process of ensuring that buildings, offices, and other areas are kept clean and well-maintained. It involves a variety of tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, sanitizing surfaces, removing garbage…

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning Service in Nairobi: Ensuring Hygiene and Efficiency Maintaining a clean and functional septic tank is crucial for the proper disposal of wastewater and preventing environmental contamination. In Nairobi, Kenya, professional SEPTIC TANK CLEANING Service providers offer comprehensive solutions to ensure the optimal…

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Pest Control Service

Comprehensive Pest Control Service in Nairobi: Keeping Your Space Pest-Free Getting in Pest Control Service in Nairobi is crucial for protecting your home, business, or property from the harmful effects of pests. By partnering with reputable pest control companies, you can benefit from comprehensive cleaning…

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Water Tank Cleaning

WATER TANK CLEANING SERVICE IN NAIROBI  With Water Tank Cleaning Service in Nairobi, you can trust that your water storage systems are in good hands, ensuring access to clean and safe water for your various needs. Don’t compromise on water quality – invest in professional…

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Sofa Set Cleaning

Professional Sofa Set Cleaning Service in Nairobi: Revitalize Your Seats Investing in professional Sofa Set Cleaning Service in Nairobi not only enhances the appearance and comfort of your furniture but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier home environment. With their expertise and commitment to…

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Office Cleaning

Get the Best Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi  With Nairobi Cleaning Services’s amazing Office Cleaning Service in Nairobi, businesses can ensure a clean, healthy, and inviting workspace for employees and visitors alike. With a comprehensive range of cleaning activities tailored to the unique needs of each…

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Apartment Cleaning

Professional Apartment Cleaning Service in Nairobi Discover unparalleled apartment cleaning services in Nairobi, residential and commercial cleaning services in Nairobi  and Kenya with Nairobi Cleaning Services Elevate your living and working spaces with our top-notch cleaning solutions. Whether your home craves a deep cleaning transformation,…

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List of Cleaning Services in Nairobi

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Here are some of the testimonials from clients about the cleaning services in Nairobi. We try our best to exceed customer expectations. We will go above and beyond, to deliver the best home cleaning services, office cleaning services, water tank cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning services, and High Quality Residetial and Commercial Cleaning Services

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” Nairobi Cleaning Center are the guys you are probably looking for, if you need amazing apartment cleaning services. Am a busy person worrying about many things. How clean my apartment is, is not one of those things. Thanks to Nairobi Cleaning Center™️ “

Martina Hirji, Lavington Nairobi
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“ Am never worried about the process involved in getting my office in westlands pristine and hyegienic. This is because of Nairobi Cleaning Center™️’s Excellent Office Cleaning Services. Friendly cleaners, well equipped with supplies and always ready.”

Amber Mwau

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